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It is the creative of a balm which soothes the nose when boils with water. it is a Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala flyer. The piece of cloth used to cover the head is shown in natural colour. The creative was done for a leaflet.

*Dosage*: 1-2 capsules or as directed by the Physician


Snip off the tip of the capsule and squeeze out contents of 1-2 capsules or as directed by the Physician, into half a litre of boiling water or on a tissue paper/cloth. Inhale the vapour deeply for good results.


1) Tailaparna Taila-Eucalyptus globulus m-69 mg
2) Devadaru-Taila Cedrus deodara-63 mg
3) Pudina satva-Menthol-51 mg
4) Karpura-Cinnamomum camphora-17 mg


#Pinasa, pratisyaya #For stuffy nose #irritated nose #heaviness in the head due to cold.


Avoid direct contact with eyes and nostrils.


*Packing* : 10*10 blister pack.
*MRP : 400/-*

15th February 2019

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