Kerala Nasyam Therapy

Nasya treatment is one of the important Panchakarma procedures in Ayurveda.  of instilling an herbal extract into the nose, oftentimes with Nasya oil. Nasya benefits disorders of the head and neck. Regular practice of Nasya not only improves intelligence and memory but also has several anti-aging benefits.

What Is Nasya Treatment (Nasya Therapy)?

The word Nasya means ‘through the nasal route’. The nasal route refers to the administration of various herbal formulations in the form of oil, ghee, powder etc. It is considered one of the five Ayurvedic therapies designed mainly for cleansing the body of toxins, as in Panchakama therapy. It is highly effective when performed systematically. It primarily affects the region above the shoulder.

Benefit of Nasya with Anu Taila:

With regular practice of Anu taila Nasya, one can regain sharpness and impart clarity and strength to all sense organs and strengthen the muscles of the neck, shoulders, and chest. It helps prevent premature greying of the hair and premature appearance of wrinkles on the face and prevents discoloration of the skin (Vyanga).

In addition to this, according to the ancient Ayurvedic sage Charaka, the healthy person who undergoes Nasya therapy in suitable seasons (during rain, autumn and spring season when the sky is free of clouds) with Anu taila, never suffers from impaired functioning of the eyes, nose and ears. The hairs of the scalp and beard do not fall or turn white or grey. In fact, scalp hair starts re-growing. It nourishes the veins, joints, ligaments and tendons of the head, making them strong. The person’s face becomes cheerful and well developed. Their voice becomes melodious, soft, stable and firm. It prevents diseases of the supraclavicular region of the body. Even when the person is aging his supraclavicular region does not show any symptoms of aging. That is, it reduces the effect of senility in aged individuals.


  • Conditions like Torticollis
  • Stiffness of the neck
  • Headache
  • Facial paralysis
  • Lockjaw
  • Hemicranias
  • Chronic coryza
  • Head tremor


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