Podikkizhi – Choorna Swedan

General treatment in the Ayurvedic health program, especially for inflammatory conditions of the bones and joints, arthritis, spinal problems, sport injuries. It is a method of therapeutic sweating. Podikizhi is also known as Choorna Pinda Sweda. A type of Ayurvedic massage of herbal powder packed in a special cloth device. Podikizhi is effective in curing arthritis, paralysis and neuro-muscular diseases. In this therapy, several types of medicated powders or choornas and tied up in linen bundles. As moderate heat is required to sweat body, the bundles have to be warmed up periodically by dipping in warm medicated oil, or herbal juices. Before this therapy light Abhyanga is given. After that, the patient is given a bath in moderately warm water. The treatment is a good to remove toxins and balance tridosha – vata, pita and kapha. It is effective for treating degenerative joint disorders, paralysis, arthritis, spondilitis, paralysis, sport injuries etc.


  • Relieves pain
  • Numbness and edema
  • Improves peripheral blood supply
  • Cures diseases like arthritis, paralysis and convulsions
  • Stimulates the nerve endings


  • Joint disorders
  • Paralysis
  • Rheumatic disorders
  • Arthritis
  • Spondilitis
  • Sports injuries

It was deceptively simple and at first I didn’t think it could possibly work, but by the third day I was walking like I did when I was twenty ( I am 52 now). I found profound result from each of the different treatments which is a real testimony to the efficacy of this ancient method. I wish you all the best and thank you from my heart for the healing you have brought to me. By the way, the herbs are fabulous.

Ana Sachs, USA

‘Ayurveda Healthcare’ as, “The Kerala Ayurvedic Centre, run by V. Srikant Nair, has been involved in the whole gamut of treatment in Ayurveda. The Center has a panel of doctors and its technicians have been trained in Kerala special therapies”.

Bikram Ghosh, Indian Express, Vadodara

I have just had Panchakarma for the last 30 days, my problem was very achy in joints and muscle all over the body. I feel now a great improvement after the different massages.

Marianne Simonin London, U.K.

I have undergone the Panchkarma treatment which I found very useful. Every one should think and take care of one’s own body and go for such treatments for rejuvenation purpose to prevent aging and the attack of diseases. I felt very much relaxed after the Panchakarma therapies. Me. Srikant Nair and his team of staff and were very encouraging. I wish big success and best of luck for such dedicated treatments.


"I've had a lot of massages, but today was the first time I've actually "had" a massage. Great experience and a wonderful addition to our vacation. I get massages on a very regular basis and it was my husbands first massage."



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