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Kottakkal Ayurveda Lohasinduram-101 Capsules


Lohasinduram is exceptionally effecacious in anaemia, pallor, pitta troubles and jaundice; develops digestion, overcomes gulma and colic and purifies blood and corrects all its disorders.

Its regular users are not liable to get diabetes. this is excellent in adiposity, but dose not constipaste, nor otherwise upset the abdominal system like other common medicines with iron content. This develops the stregth of the body, and sharpens the brain, removes patches, scales and pallor of the skin, tones up its colour. ith every renewed processing, its properties increase. May be taken with sugar, honey, ghee, milk or buttermilk according to the ailment. Lohasinduram is available in 7, 14, 21, 41, and 1o1 times purified.


Balances Kapha and Pitta (Cold).

Dosage for Lohasinduram-101 Capsuless:

60 mg to 600 mg. According to the number purity the dose may be reduced as directed by the physician. ( Each capsule 7 times purified) contains 200g


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