Kottakkal Ayurveda Punarnavasavam


Punarnavasava is widely used as herbal anti inflammatory and anti oedema medicine. it reduces swelling, useful in liver and spleen conditions, and fever.

Dosage of Kottakkal Ayurveda Punarnavasavam

15 – 25 ml to be taken twice daily after meals.

Indications for use of Kottakkal Ayurveda Punarnavasavam

  • It helps to treat Swelling in body, Disorders of Abdomen & Spllen, Acid gastritis, Liver disorders, Abdominal Lump, Fever.

Each 10ml prepared out of

Sanskrit Name Botanical Name Quantity
Trikatu Piper longum 0.009 g
Triphla 0.009 g
Darvi Berberis aristata 0.009 g
Savadamshtra 0.009 g
Brihatidwaya 0.009 g
Erandmula Ricinis communis 0.009 g
Vasa Adhatoda vasica 0.009 g
Katuki Picorrhiza kurroa 0.009 g
Gajpippali Scindapsus officinalis 0.009 g
Sophagni Boerhavia Diffusa 0.009 g


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